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League Contacts

General inquiries for the Girls’ Division:
General inquiries for the Ladies Division:

Squirt & Bantam Division Contacts:
President: Melissa Keeping
Vice President: Aaron Aikia
Past President: John Honse
Treasurer & Webmaster: Nicole Q-Schmitz
Secretary: Pauline Gosselin
Registrar: Sue Perreault
Mite Convenor:
Squirt Convenor: Duane Mathias
Bantam Convenor: Garth Moote
Equipment Manager:
Fundraiser: Jessica Honse
Fields/Scheduling Coordinator: Robin Gosselin
Tournament/Banquet Coordinator:

Ladies Division [17+] Contacts:

President: Brittany Shannon
Past President: Caroline Piquette
Treasurer & Webmaster: Nicole Q-Schmitz
Fundraiser: Jessica Honse