League Equipment Recommendations:

  • Individual batting helmets are mandatory for all players. Face cages are required for players under the age of 19.
  • Black full or capri length baseball pants are a mandatory part of the uniform in the Squirt and Bantam divisions.
  • Players are required to have their own ball gloves. Batting gloves and other league approved accessories are optional.
  • Rubber spike/cleat style baseball shoes are optional, but recommended on wet fields. Metal cleats are not permitted.
  • The use of Jill protectors is recommended, especially when playing the catcher’s position.
  • The league has functional bats available, but individual players are welcome to purchase their own league approved bat.
  • Individual pitching masks are recommended but are optional since the league provides one for team use.
  • Bases, balls, pitching masks, and catcher’s equipment are provided by the league.