Ladies Division

The regular season and playoffs games are scheduled Thursday evenings (6:30pm or 8:30pm game start) at Twin Forks field in New Sudbury. The Ladies Division plays once a week.

Team Registration only – more details coming soon!

Are you a solo-player interested in playing?  Fill out this online form and someone will get in touch!  Teams can incorporate a range of 18+ aged players, and it is at the discretion of the Ladies’ Executive to include any younger ages (16 or 17).

Please Contact Brittany Dumont for further information regarding this division

Rules of Play

>> Download the Ladies Division [17+] Rules of Play (PDF) <<


Coming Soon

Season Standings

Win = 2 pts Tie = 1 pt   Loss = 0 pts

Forfeit = The game is recorded as a loss in the standings for the forfeiting team and a win for the opposing team.  The score will finish 6-0.  The score equates to the number of innings in a regulation game.

Rank Team Name Win Loss Tie Runs Total Points

Please visit the Ladies Division Facebook Page for more details and updates!